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Soul Doubt's CD, "I Will Not Be Silent", is reviewed at Indisonic!

With "I Will Not Be Silent" Soul Doubt has unleashed upon the public a collection of some of the most emotionally naked and lyrically fresh writing to be found. In a world with an "alternative" songwriter on every other corner attempting to bare their souls using every cliche they can think of, Soul Doubt is an invigorating addition to the music scene in Minneapolis.

Backed up by the solid performances of Joel Kruse (guitar) and Dan Marshall (drums), the words and music of Chris German (lead vocals,bass,keyboards) convey pictures of a life that is constantly questioning the self(Here I Am), relationships (What Can You Give Me, Divided) and societal norms (Corporate Delusion, Hypocrite). While these are everyday themes, German takes a decidedly unique and personal style with her approach to them. In spite of her constant questioning, German does not lack in self confidence or hope. "I won't bow down to a political sky and I won't bow down to shame.......I won't deny the anger so I must defy the rules"(Hypocrite). "If anyone can break the sky it will be me.....When it rolls down the mountain where will you be? For I will not be silent."

Soul Doubt definitely has the talent to write effective pop melodies. This, combined with their willingness to be "emotionally ripped open" lyrically makes this album a must have for those searching for thoughtful, passionate rock music.

Miles Madison is a writer living and working in St.Paul, MN.

" The debut by this alternative rock trio illustrates the crucial difference between raw strength and true power. Soul Doubt contains a formidable leader in bassist Chris German, who wrote all the words and most of the music, and also played the synth parts. There's a latent power in her lyrics of defiant questioning and inspiring self-realization..."

-Jim Meyer/Local-music columnist, Star Tribune, Sunday, March 23, 1997