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Soul Doubt is:

Chris German: vocals, bass, Ensoniq SQ-2 (stings, horns, piano)
Joel Kruse: guitars, 12-string, backing vocals
Dan Marshall: drums

additional organ parts on "Winter" and "Divided" by Ryan Jackson

additional organ parts on "Walk Away" by Linda Coates

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Kim Hokanson, Ryan Jackson, Jerome German, Daniel and Liz Loegering, Nole German, Kia, Mike and Linda Coates, all the fans at Tech Squared and Robins, Paul Kincaid, Marcus Bachman, and all of our parents. FOR: lending us homes to crash in, 12-string to play, advice, friendship, support, time, energy and talent.

--We hope that you have enjoyed listening to this as much as we have enjoyed making it. May your spirit always dance, and may your life never be filled with silence. --Chris

Produced by Mike Coates & Chris German
Mixed by Mike Coates & Joel Kruse

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Raptor Studios in Fargo, ND from Dec 1996 through January 1997

"Here I Am," and "Corporate Delusion," copyright 1995 by Chris German.
"Walk Away," copyright 1995 by Chris German and Joel Kruse.
"Winter" copyright 1996 by Chris German and Joel Kruse.
All other songs copyright 1996 by Chris German. All rights reserved.

Cover art copyright 1996 by Kim Hokanson, all rights reserved.
Graphic design and layout by Linda Coates.