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Soul Doubt has been bringing an agressive sonic mix of rock, pop, country, and blues to the Minneapolis muscic scene since 1995. They released their debut recording "I Will Not Be Silent" in the spring of 1996. The CD was widely acclaimed for it's introspective, thought-provocing lyrics and wide range of stylistic treatments from driving rock to lush, melancholly soundscapes. The single "What Can You Give Me" has received airplay on Twin Cities stations Zone 105 and KFAI . Soul Doubt was featured in a live studio performance on the independent music video show "Musical Chairs" and will be featured on a live club date on "This Ain't Yer Show" in the Spring of 1998.

Chris German (lead vocals, bass) and Joel Kruse (guitar, backing vocals) met while attending Moorhead State University in 1992. They were playing in wildly different types of bands; Chris in folk rock and country bands and Joel with classic rock band. At the time, neither imagined ever playing together. Dan Marshall (drums), a Florida native, was playing with a rock road band in the Midwest. He met up with Chris in a Minneapolis club in the spring of 1995 and they decided to put together an all original group including Joel on guitar. "I Will Not Be Silent" was recorded at Barking Dog Record's studio, Raptor Studios, during the Winter of 1996.