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Seeger, Gertrude
Gender: F
Born: 17 March 1828 in Önsbach, Achern, Baden, Germany
Immigration: 1847/48
Died: 09 July 1910 in Princeville, IL
Buried: St. Mary Cemetery, Princeville, Illinois

Spouse: German, Basilius
      married: 1847 in Buffalo, Eerie, NY

German, Frank S. - b. 12 February 1849
German, Fredericka - b. 08 July 1850
German, Joseph - b. 04 April 1852
German, Charles James - b. 25 May 1854
German, Margaret - b. 21 September 1859

Basilius and Gertrude German (If you have a better copy of this picture PLEASE contact me! Many thanks to Sandy Weber for these copies!)