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Massing, Matthias
Gender: M
Born: 16 October 1812 in River Rhine, Prussia, Germany (poss Darmstadt?)
Immigration: Spring of 1840
Died: 09 July 1895 in Peoria County, Illinois
Buried: St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Kickapoo, Illinois

Spouse: Klein (?), Elizabeth
      married: March 1841 in Peoria Cty, Illinois

Massing, Elizabeth Mary Barbara - b. 15 May 1847

From "1880 History of Peoria County" by Johnson & Company
Kickapoo Township

"Massing, Mathias, farmer and grape-grower, Sec. 16, P.O. Kickapoo, son of Andrew and Mary Massing, nee Greoei, was born on the river Rhine, Prussia, October 16, 1812, and bred a farmer. In the Spring of 1840, he immigrated to America and settled at the present site of Mossville, and engaged as wood chopper and common laborer. He bought his first horse from Captain Moss, and paid for it in clearing land and making rails. The wheels of his first wagon were made from sections sawed from a large oak tree; there was not a particle of iron in the entire make up of the vehicle. In March, 1841, he united in marriage with Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew and Catharine Klein. She was born at Kreisnocht, Prussia, November 27, 1819. They remained at Mossville until 1845; lived two years on the bluff farm of Captain Moss, and in 1847, came to the site of their present comfortable home, which was worked out of the timber and brush. They now own 260 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre. A part of the home place is devoted to grape growing, and a part of their other land is underlaid with coal. They had nine children: Mathias, born August 28, 1842; Andrew, born June 6, 1843, died at three months; Andrew, the second, was born October 14, 1844, and died at the age of thirteen years; Elizabeth, born May 15, 1847, married Frank German, November 23, 1868; Edward, born February 27, 1849; Catharine H., born September 3, 1853; Frederick, born April 25, 1855; Mary, born April 5, 1859, married Henry Dailey, in 1879; Frank, born April 5, 1869. Parents and children are members of the Catholic Church. Politically, Mr. Massing is a Democrat."

A note regarding spelling of surname.