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Görmann / Germann, Franz / Frank Paul
Gender: M
Born: 02 April 1791 in Önsbach, Achern, Baden, Germany
Immigration: May 30, 1848 into NY on ship Eliza Dennison
Died: 19 September 1858 in Princeville, IL
Buried: St. Mary Cemetery, Kickapoo, Illinois

Spouse: Seeger, Agnes
      married: 13 October 1817 in Önsbach, Achern, Baden, Germany

Görmann, Helena - b. 17 August 1818
German, Basilius - b. 14 June 1826
Görmann, Frederika - b. 25 September 1828

In the Önsbach Familienbuch (Family Book - Catholic Records), his name is given as Franz Paul Görmann, with occupation listed as "Weber" - Weaver. Frank and his [living] children are all marked in the Önsbach Familienbuch as having come to America after the death of his wife, Agnes. (She passed away in 1844 at age 50 yrs). His gravestone in Kickapoo spells his last name as "Germann".

There are important events in the history of Germany during this time that would have influenced this family's emigration to America. Frank's eldest daughter Helena married Konrad Hofer, a member of the "Volksvereines Baden" - United People of Baden. This group staged a revolution in 1848/49 which failed. A history of the German 1848 Revolution says the following:

"Beginning industrialization, combined with a rapid growth of population, led to the formation of an urbanized working class which mostly lived in utter poverty and misery. Even 15 hours of daily work (including the work of wife and children) usually failed to raise a family above the subsistence level. In an uprising in June 1844, weavers in Silesia demanded a raise of their "starvation wages." They were told "to eat grass," and the revolt was put down by the Prussian army. Events like these added a third dimension to the pre-March era, that of demands for relief of social problems which eventually grew into the socialist and communist movements. (5) In 1847, crop failures led to famines. Unemployment rose, and hunger riots by desperate workers demanding food were put down by the military."

Frank's occupation is listed as weaver. His family would no doubt have been one of those struggling in poverty during these years. 1847 was a year of crop failure and food riots. There was a revolution that took place across Europe, most notably in France, but also in Germany in 1848/49. In Germany, the revolution was put down by the military and failed, causing many people in Germany to exit for America. Some accounts state that half of all residents in Baden were active in revolutionary activities.

The whole family emigrated in 1848, leaving from the port of Havre in the ship "Eliza Dennison" and arriving in New York on May 30, 1848. Basilius is listed as head of household at age 20, followed by Franz (listed as age 55), Frederika, Carl, and Christina. (Stephan is not listed). (Source:, family ID 998307). Listed next are Conrad Hofer and his wife Helena, and their surviving children Hermann, Magdalena and Sophie (, family ID 998308).