Hello, my name is Chris German. A brief bio for me: I am a married mother of three youngsters, living in the midwest. I have never been able to decide what I want to be when I grow up. It's a big problem. In my younger years (getting younger all the time), I wanted to be a rock star, but these days, I'm home with the kids and do web programming on the side.

This is a purely personal site put up for my own fun. I wanted to explore some of my hobbies: music, anything computer related, genealogy, gardening, what-have-you. Anything I express here is my own opinion, therefore you should question it all!

Fellow family tree researchers: be sure to gather your own documentation of any dates or information presented here. I rely on other researchers for information too, and I am working though getting documentation of all facts, however, as we all know that is a large and time-consuming (and never ending) process, so please verify anything you need to. Fellow genealogists may contact me at . Please put your family name in the subject as I get quite a bit of junk mail and may inadvertently delete it otherwise.

On occasion I also provide web design services to individuals, groups, and small businesses, such as:
  • welovepolishpottery.com - eCommerce site with custom cart connected to PayPal.
  • valleychurch.net - Non-profit with member login.

  • Everything I Needed To Know In Life I'm Learning From My Preschooler
    --Chris German (c)
  • Always stop to smell the flowers, even when they're plastic.
  • Singing is an excellent way to pass the time.
  • The primary purpose of money is to put into your pocket to later throw into a water fountain.
  • Ducks and gophers are just as amazing as every other creature found in the zoo.
  • Sometimes the only way to feel better is to have a good cry.
  • The best prayers are the simplest ones.
  • The cardboard box is as much fun as the toy itself.
  • You can handle any day better if you get enough sleep.
  • Music is for dancing to, and it doesn't matter where you are.
  • Everyone is a potential friend.